Hello.  I'm Grace Cha! 
I'm a third year Design student at Carnegie Mellon University who loves solving design problems for complex experiences of human behavior in the physical & digital environments. 

I'm currently studying Product Design as my major with an additional minor in Human Computer Interaction. 

This past summer I worked as Research Assistant at Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University researching and designing for the better implementation of AI in group algorithmic decision making. 

I enjoy hiking, history, drawing,  Kenya Hara, Grapefruit eating, plant science, Emeco Chairs,  Hiroshi Ishi, A Designer's Research Manual, and Bauhaus Movement.  

I'm interested in UX Design, Service Design, and Systems Design for meaningful interactions. 

Currently seeking an internship for Summer 2018 
 Resume | heajinc@andrew.cmu.edu | Linkedin