Hi I'm Grace!
I'm originally from South Korea, but I moved to a small town in Maryland, then to suburbia Texas, then to the heart of Los Angeles, and now I'm in Pittsburgh, Pensilvania.  Meeting new people from new places has always been part of my life, and one of the reasons why design is a big passion of mine - to understand people for people and enhance their quality of interactions in their physical/digital environments.  
I'm currently a junior studying Design for Products as my major with an additional minor in Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University. 
This past summer I joined the Center for Machine Learning and Health as their UX Research + Design Assistant to design and develop interactions that bridge human and computer decision making for positive community growth.  
In my free time, I enjoy taking a trip to our local Botanical Garden, munching on almonds, and journal writing. 
 Linkedin |  Resume | heajinc@andrew.cmu.edu

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