Sy-nery: Gesture Based Alert System
Adobe Photoshop & Sketch File | Individual Work
Course | Designing for Complex Product Systems 
Instructors | Eric Anderson 

Sy-nery is a conceptual representation of street lighting in the far future through the use of a wearable device. This piece draws on a long view where speculation on ideal products and related experiences can lead to completely new paradigms.
Pioneers of Animation: Poster Series 
Adobe InDesign File | Individual Work
Course | Communication Studio 1 
Instructors | Dan Boyarski

This poster series is a project that investigates the relationship between effective use of color, typographical hierarchy and imagery.  I was inspired to use different motifs of animation and films throughout history including the use of scans, drawings, and film strips. 
Crest: Integrated Classroom Media
Adobe Illustrator File | Collaboration with Jenny Hu and Gautam Bose
Course |  How People Work
Instructors | Bruce Hannington

Crest is a graphic representation of a project system redesign. This was part of a research project that focused on identifying the existing problems of projection systems in lecture halls within CMU.   Our conducted research methods and intervention are displayed.
Seek: A Message to My Future Self
Adobe Photoshop File | Individual Work
Course | Advanced Digital Imaging 
Instructors | Dylan Vitone

Seek is part of communicating a narrative to my future self. "Seek, and you will find" is an encouragement message that explores the use of tones, colors, and simple shapes to espouse hope. 

Adobe Photoshop File | Individual Work
Course | Advanced Digital Imaging 
Instructors | Dylan Vitone

Hidden is part of a narrative that describes masks of the social-media image . This series explores the use of bold and simple colors and patterns.  
Javascript + P5JS File | Individual Work
Course | Computing for Creative Practices
Instructor | Roger B. Dannenberg

I grew up near a beach enjoying peacefulness of the waves, but I always wanted to go explore deeper into the waters.  For this project I wanted to create a looping coral reef that shows the different colors and delight of a underwater land that we are not exposed to.
Dinosaur: Poster Series
Adobe Photoshop + Javascript File | Individual Work
Course | Advanced Digital Imaging 
Instructors | Dylan Vitone

These poster series are inspired by AKMU 'Dinosaur' song.  Their song incorporates syncopation which is a "disturbance or interruption of the regular flow or rhythm" in musical terms.  The colors, lines, and tones are used to communicate the song's mood and syncopation.    
Spliddit: Icons + Illustrations
Adobe Photoshop + Sketch Files | Individual Work

These were some illustration work and graphic I made during my internship working with the Spliddit Team.
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