Spliddit Visual Designs
Team: Min Kyung Lee, Shashank Ohja, Chris Sheng, and Anruagg Jain 
My role: Visual Designer
Timeframe: 12 weeks, Summer 2017 (Side Project)
Explaining Algorithmic Process 
01 Project Background
Despite being mathematically fair in splitting everyday division problems, Spliddit, public website that employs fair algorithms to find solutions to everyday division problems such as splitting goods with a group of people, does not always achieve “fair” results in human perspectives. This points out gaps between algorithmic assumptions and human behaviors, which contribute to perceived unfairness. For this project, my team and I redefined the user experience with the goal providing transparency and control over algorithmic results to our users.
I first began by understanding the algorithm myself.  This required me to work closely with the engineering team to make sure I got the understanding first before I began to even create.  
Using Words + Visuals 
To help users understand the algorithmic reasoning behind Spliddit's calculations, I knew the wording had to avoid difficult mathematical jargon.  Towards the beginning, I worked to make the wording of the explanations to be more intuitive.  I then tested the wording with people around the lab and with friends and family of different ages and groups.
Early Digital Sketches​​​​​​​
I then began to play with the visual design. A metric scale was used to show the "burden" or weight of the mathematical calculations to users. ​​​​​​​
Exploring different ways of visualizing mathematical equations​​​​​​​
Then I incorporated the different elements into a page or spread that would be shown to users when they clicked on the explanation page.